I started being a photographer almost for fun, when in September 1990 a friend of mine introduced me to his boss. These were the times when learning to be a photographer was much more difficult than today if you think that, before taking a picture, you had to learn to insert the film in the camera while being careful not to expose it to light. Especially if the film in question was the 6 x 6 of twelve poses to be inserted into a Hasselblad camera body. Not to mention the much greater difficulty in "governing" the light if we consider the fact that the maximum ISO sensitivity that can be used in wedding and ceremony photos was generally ISO 400. What can we say? Really a whole other world than today, in which some camera bodies allow shooting at ISO 10200 and even beyond, with a really laughable digital noise compared to the expensive old Fuji ISO 1600 film.
The same thing could be said about video production where we switched from the use of video camera, shoulder battery and U-Matic (shoulder-mounted video recorder of about twenty pounds) to the mirrorless, and from the control unit (a set of machines that practically occupied a compartment and cost almost as much as an apartment) to the workstation with software in the cloud.
Later there was the digital revolution. A real challenge for a professional photographer because, if on the one hand there has been a decisive cost reduction, on the other it has made amateurs more and more able to take a good picture. Hence the responsibility of the professional photographer, who can no longer be satisfied with providing the customer with "good photography" to stay on the market. Some self-styled professionals think they will survive this challenge by working practically below cost, but in the long run they will literally be swept away by the army of rampant amateurs that the advent of digital photography has sparked.
Coming back to me, after long and tiring years of apprenticeship, in February 2011 I inaugurated the photographic studio "Arte e Immagine".
A particularly difficult challenge especially if faced in a period of full economic crisis, but also fascinating because from that moment on - for better or for worse - everything would depend only on me.