My journeys

When you are photographers it is also outside the workplace. Photography is first and foremost a passion that becomes profession only after. And that's why I also, like every lover of what the early '900 was defined as "the art of painters failed" whenever I put my nose out of my city inevitably there I returned with at least half a dozen roll film to develop. Practice naturally remained unchanged even with the advent of digital photography.
To prevent all these photos remain an end in itself, I decided to post them online. These are images captured around half of Europe ranging from pictures taken during the honeymoon to those of mid-August holiday.
Being mostly of photos to sites and monuments I will try to improvise "photographic-tourist guide", not only showing the places where I was, but looking in my limits to illustrate and describe in broad outline the history and what it represents for me. All without minimum pretension to teach anybody anything, but simply trying to give these images a meaning that goes beyond the simple "click of Japanese" whenever you visit sites other than their own city.
About my city, in this page, like the one dedicated to Barletta and surroundings, you can access more detailed insights via the website link, where soon we will find all sorts of information regarding historical places immortalized by me and others.