My name is Cosimo, and by 2011 I'm the owner of the photo studio Arte e Immagine. I was born in Barletta on September 3, 1974 and at the age of 16 I entered the world of professional photography as an assistant. A sector apparently made of festivals, elegance, splendor and many "friends" but that soon it was for me to be very difficult. A difficult sector, perhaps more than any other field of work for people like me who as a guy had the concept of photography as the classic "point and shoot", but that it was not able to put a film in a camera, in addition to not know the slightest difference between developing and printing photographs.
Film development, printing. Terms and concepts that I do not miss, but maybe today would be helpful to mark the difference - economic if not professional - that distinguishes the professional photographer from mere amateur.
It was the early '90 and my head teenager was tragically divided between the desire to memorize the doses of water for the preparation of chemicals for photographic development, casts light and color, aperture and shutter speed shooting in all imaginable conditions and the terrible nuisance to get out of work more at 22.00 and go to work on Saturday and Sunday. Put simply I was half reckless. Then, at the age of 18 I have done my military service, the pride of my family, a bad mange to avoid by any means and expedient for other guys. Twenty years later, judging retrospectively my work career and the way to be of certain guys today, frankly I do not know if the military service was for me a good or bad. After a year of military service, it was in May 1994, for anybody (and maybe even for me) the train for a career as a professional photographer was irreparably past. Certainly I made mistakes, some even serious, but who does not committed to that age? Surely in those years I made of crap, I have committed blunders, but I've paid all with interest. Perhaps even beyond my demerits and certainly without the help of anyone.
At age 20 I have to get a job with a salary for a living, because in 1994 at age 20 you was considered - perhaps rightly - mature, unlike today where many in their thirties do not know a single day of work and hopeful waiting, maybe from delinquent, sorry, from local politician, a desk and a PC where vegetate until retirement. So I started working in a shoe factory. Seven years that I have seen, heard and tried everything. The illegally work, the mobbing, the camaraderie with the other workers, the "holy stairs" each month to trade union, the lackeys of the "master", and finally the termination. Simply put seven years that have made me a man.
The years when I worked at the factory sent me a ringworm and a wild "hunger". And with a ringworm and a wild "hunger" you're capable of anything, even going back to an assistant photographer with two colleagues but also great friends. I did a couple of years to "keep the light ... !!!" with the inevitable giggles of who I was never appreciated. But in the end who cares !!! With a few euro earned bought an old SLR (film still), an old Metz flash turret as well as books and magazines on photography and photo editing. Meanwhile, as the "principal occupation" I also did the blacksmith and for four years the mason. In addition there were also escaped the diploma in accountancy and even five exams in Political Science. But as for me, this means trying to build something important, many believed that this was my official certification of "failed". I always refer to those giggles behind me.
But, as I said before, I ignored it and so in February 2011 I inaugurate my photo studio, of course, between the general skepticism cleverly disguised as wishes. Very slowly but steadily, the results and the rewards are coming out because the hard work and sacrifices in the long run always pay. My next goal is to become a renowned wedding photographer you tell your most important events, not according to the classic standards, but adapting my art - because despite tablets, mobile phones and Iphone always art is - your sensitivity and your tastes making unique and always present your fondest memories and indelible your emotions. I try to sell the customer my art and my professionalism. Appearances I leave to others.

Cosimo Campanella